Types of Ballistic Vests

There many different types of body armors but the most popular are the ballistic vests that used for anti-ballistic protection. The bulletproof vest provides a ballistic protection against bullets and even knife stabs. The anti ballistic vests protect against bullet rounds and other ballistic threats. There also stab-proof vests that protect from various stab attacks as knife stabs.

Types of Ballistic Protection Available

There are many types of ballistic vest that are available in the market.

Anti-stab vest: These vests offering protection against knives and needles. They can also be made in a way to also protect against bullets.

Soft armor: these ballistic vests considered to be the standard ballistic body armor and the most popular type. They protect against handguns as 9mm and up to 0.44 magnums rounds as level 3A vests (NIJ 3A).

Armor Plates: these plates covering front and rear parts of the body from high caliber gunshots as long range rifles and assault rifles. Such types, of body armor become common in the war areas and used in plate carrier. These vests usually cannot be worn undercover. They also can provide protection against minor explosions.

Modern ballistic jackets contain multiple layers of thick fiber which reduces the effect of bullets with such ballistic cloth. The bullet stopped by those multilayer fibers, while causing a small trauma to the body.

The Advantages of Bulletproof Vests

The main benefit of the anti ballistic armour is that it can easily be concealed in clothes. These vests are flexible as well as they are light in weight and you can easily wear them just like a shirt or a jackets. Their cover made up of smooth fiber so that they will not harsh your skin.

The second main benefit of the bulletproof vest is that it can be fitter with armor plates for higher protection against high caliber bullets in addition against stabs and other threats. The bullet proof vest by it self is lightweight and come in different models and sizes.