Varieties of Ballistic Vests

Bulletproof vest is type of body armor, that protects your upper body from bullets depends on its ballistic rating. When used with hard armor plates these vests provide protection from rifle round. These type of ballistic vests usually used by the military. Before purchasing such vest, one thing should always keep in mind that you should get the ballistic protection level or higher of what you need.

There two types of bullet proof vests that are highly popular: the first one is the Tactical Vest (also know as External Vest) and the second one is Concealable Vests.

Tactical vest can carry your gear and armor plates to protect against high caliber guns. They usually use MOLLE system and in some cases they have a backpack attached to them. They use ballistic material as aramid and polyethylene to stop the bullet. Some of them are fitted with ceramic armor plates level NIJ III and NIJ IV. They have wider protection than concealable vests and they more durable.

Concealable vest these vests are easily worn under jackets and can be easily concealed under clothes. They are highly lightweight bulletproof vests as they made from lightweight ballistic material. This type of body armor protects your body from lower caliber guns as handguns.

These vests usually have smaller protection area than the external vests. For better coverage of your body, better to use tactical and external body armor.

How and where to Buy

Before going to purchase such vests, first search in law enforcement supply shops, where you can get a new bulletproof vests from known brand.

Ballistic vests classified according to their level of protection, which is classified into the following levels:

• Level I: This type of vest protects you from the bullets of 0.22.
• Levels II-A and II: This type of vest protects you from the bullets as 9mm and 0.375 Magnum bullets.
• Levels III-A: type of vest protects you from the bullets of 9mm and 0.44 Magnum bullets.
• Level III and IV: Called hard body armor, it offers protection from rifle rounds as 5.56mm and 7.62mm.